Be Friends of the Earth

20 Nov
Be Friends of the Earth

Be Friends of the Earth!
Do we ever realize where are we now? We as humans live on Earth starting from birth, a small, growing up, until we die. We are deeply indebted to the Earth, the planet we live on this beloved.
But, how much we have been polluting the Earth, destroying the Earth, and make this Earth to be no longer beautiful? Sometimes we do not realize that our actions are very damaging to the Earth and was impressed not thank the Earth who have rendered many of the Earth.
Therefore, we must begin to change our lives so that our actions are no longer destroy the Earth. Of course we are human beings who can not do everything. So, we just do the deeds we can do and do not need to push yourself. If we can only do simple things, yes we do these simple things. Do not just simple things that bus because we do, we are ashamed to do so we do not do anything.But we also have to develop yourself so I can do even greater things. Most important is the intention and sincerity.

The little things we can do for example is a garbage dump in place, to save electricity, save on fuel oil and many lagi.Mungkin we are already bored with the words “Throw Trash In Place”. We hear those words ever since we were kids to adults. But if we’ve done things that we think is simple? Maybe yes, maybe no.Sometimes for a large garbage we remember, but if small trash such as scraps of paper, plastic, or pack a snack, we throw begirtu only. If we are in a class, then we put the rubbish dikolong table. if there diangkot then put under a seat.
It was not only done by children, but also by adults. That suggests that the most important is self-awareness. Age had no effect on a person’s attitude. The most influential is the consciousness.That’s the most important. So is the use of electricity and water.We always assume that more people who save a lot more water than ourselves, so we think if we save, it still would not be useful.That is a fallacy. If everyone is thinking that, then nothing will save it? We must instill the mind of all things good things it must start from ourselves. Do not wait for someone else untuik do good things.
Therefore, it is to keep our environment, our beloved Earth’s environment is, do something small for something great that does not exist before there is a small thing. If the little things done by many people, the little things that would be a great thing. If a thousand people throw garbage at the place and keep it clean, then the area will be clean. But if a thousand people for littering, then surely it would be very dirty area once.
So, do not ever underestimate the little things like save electricity, save water, save fuel, or dispose of waste in place. Do it yourself and then start from tularkanlah on the people around you. Jadilha friend and love the planet Earth. Hopefully if we have done the best thing we can do, Earth was again beautiful, cool, fresh air and comfortable so itâ the happier life on Earth. EARTH BE FRIENDS!

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