Using Money Machine GomezPEER

02 Feb
Using Money Machine GomezPEER

Actually, this program has long exist, but have not had time to post and run it so a new post this time.

Perhaps this is one program of dollars very easily. How not, you just register, download and install the program, then online … Then the dollars will flow naturally. Maybe this is exactly who kale yes “Cash Machine system” truthfulness.

Then where did you get paid? You get paid from the running program (must be online), the longer you are online, you earn money who will more and more (upto $ 45 a month), so that simple. Quite right to make speedy payment, rent hosting …

yes his site is directly saja.Nama Gomez Peer.

If you are interested just register and follow the way below ..

1. Under List Here

2. Fill out the registration form

3. Once registration is complete, please login with your username, go to “download peer install”

4. Then Select Download

5. Then they will install the program on your laptop / computer, after the install is complete, run the program on your computer, then click “option” click “preference” for the setting. More details see figure d below.

Then click “Modify”, tick the “Launch” and click “SAVE”.

Once completed, the application will be inactive gomez some time after you go online, then changed status to pending. Well between the status of pending to active status usually takes 7 to 20 days. Do not worry, even if your status is still pending, your dollar will continue to grow in line with the passage of an application on your computer, and paid (accrued) when it is active.

My suggestion, to speed up the active, click preferences then change the network connection setting to 56k and performance manager to a minimum. To maximize earnings (income), you can install the application is more than one computer.

Payment Method

Payment via paypal and alertpay account, minimum withdrawals within a month of $ 5 and a maximum of $ 45.

UPDATE: Now that Gomez Peer using enscript URL (https) so chances are your browser will assume it is not safe. On the contrary https (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) is the secure version of HTTP. Then why how the browser thinks it’s not as safe as in mozilla that says “This Connection is Untrusted. You have asked Firefox to connect securely to gomez peer, but We can not confirm That your connection is secure”, it’s because Mozilla does not like to read the site The use https (possibly previously only “http” only). To be able to register, please cursing the browser chrome and if there is a statement like that, anyway pilihproceed or the like in order to enter the site gomez

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