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Be Friends of the Earth

Be Friends of the Earth

Be Friends of the Earth!
Do we ever realize where are we now? We as humans live on Earth starting from birth, a small, growing up, until we die. We are deeply indebted to the Earth, the planet we live on this beloved.
But, how much we have been polluting the Earth, destroying the Earth, and make this Earth to be no longer beautiful? Sometimes we do not realize that our actions are very damaging to the Earth and was impressed not thank the Earth who have rendered many of the Earth.
Therefore, we must begin to change our lives so that our actions are no longer destroy the Earth. Of course we are human beings who can not do everything. So, we just do the deeds we can do and do not need to push yourself. If we can only do simple things, yes we do these simple things. Do not just simple things that bus because we do, we are ashamed to do so we do not do anything.But we also have to develop yourself so I can do even greater things. Most important is the intention and sincerity.

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I. Preliminary
The birth of the SAR organization in Indonesia which is currently named Basarnas begins with the mention of Black Area, for a country that does not have a SAR organization.
Armed with independence, then in 1950 Indonesia joined the international aviation organization ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Since then Indonesia is expected to handle aviation and shipping disasters that occurred in Indonesia.
As a logical consequence of the inclusion of Indonesia became a member of ICAO, the government issued the Government Regulation No. 5 of 1955 concerning the Stipulation of the Board of Aviation to form a committee SAR. Technical committee has a fundamental duty to form the Joint SAR Agency, to determine the regional centers as well as financing and material budgets.
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Mountain climbing is an activity hard, full of adventure, requires skill, intelligence, strength, and high fighting spirit. Dangers and challenges that seemed about to surpass, the appeal of this activity.
In essence, the dangers and challenges that are testing the ability itself to align with the harsh nature, the success of an ascent is difficult and hard to mean superiority to the fear and the triumph of the struggle against itself.

– Mountain = Mount
– Mountaineer = People Doing Activities in the mountains
– Mountaineering = All things related to the mountain or in the broadest sense means a journey that covers ranging from hill walking to climbing the mountain peaks that are difficult
Lots of reasons people do mountaineering activities keitan but basically it amounts to:
1. Livelihood
2. Mores
3. Religion / Belief
4. Science
5. Adventure
6. Sport
7. Recreation
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